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Global tinting services
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Eurotints® is an international producer and supplier of tinting systems and color related technologies. In this field we have the know-how to supply all the tinting system components: colorants, dispensers, mixers, software, marketing material and technical services.

Our local factory based in Guangdong is focused on providing competitive and high quality products. We do not have different production lines for Chinese and international markets, all our products are safe and environmentally friendly, no matter what is their final destination.

New strategic cooperation

In July 2016 Eurotints® and Sky&Sea Technology Co. Ltd. have signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties will integrate each other's resources, expand production capacity and strength the existing technical and service capabilities. With the opportunity to further expand both domestic and international markets, the new alliance is moving fast to become the leading professional manufacturer of environmentally friendly water-base colorants in China.

Sky&Sea is a high-tech company focused on providing color solutions for paint users. In recent years Sky&Sea has developed professional services close to the market and has actively introduced foreign outstanding color products in the Chinese market. Business has developed rapidly establishing sales and service network covering the whole China.

Sky&Sea and Eurotints® shared a common vision for development, both with quality as a top priority, complementing each other, both based in China but keeping the whole world in view. The group will continue to operate independently, Sky&Sea positioning itself in high concentration industrial colorants and OEM colorants, Eurotints® focused on high-quality environmentally friendly industrial, P.O.S. and D.I.Y. colorants. Existing customers will undoubtedly enjoy better quality, more environmentally friendly products and more attentive service.

Get in touch

With business growing each year, we are proud to attend some of the major paint and coating exhibitions worldwide. For more information about our products and services → contact us or visit our stand at one of the future shows:


2016/11/30 - 12/02

China Import and Export Fair Complex (Canton Fair Complex)

380 Yuejiang Middle Road, Guangzhou, P. R. China

Hall 10.2, Zone 2, Booth 10.2G01/03

(c/o our Chinese partners Sky&Sea and RAL)